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Caption: The curves of emitted radiation from blackbodies of different temperatures. The x-axis shows wavelength and the y-axis shows the amount of energy emitted every second by a square meter of the surface of that blackbody at each wavelength.

The hotter the body, the shorter the wavelength and the bluer the light it emits its maximum amount of energy at. Despite the coolest body in this plot peaking in red light, the other hotter bodies all emit more red light than the coolest body.

Credit: IAU OAE/Niall Deacon.

Related glossary terms: Blackbody Radiation , Electromagnetic Radiation , Wavelength
Categories: Physics

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In Other Languages

German: Schwarzkörperstrahlung
Portuguese BR: Radiação de corpo negro
Italian: Radiazione di corpo nero
French: Rayonnement du corps noir
Arabic: إشعاع الجسم الأسود
Marathi: कृष्णिका (ब्लॅकबॉडी) प्रारण
Traditional Chinese: 黑體輻射
Simplified Chinese: 黑体辐射
Spanish: Radiación de cuerpo negro
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