There are different paths into astronomy education. Some of us are school teachers and educators. Others are astronomers, whether professional or amateur. Typically, that means that most of us have formal training in some of the areas important for astronomy education, but not in all areas. And of course, both the content and the methods of astronomy education itself are evolving over time. Plus, it’s fun to learn about new things, but also to revisit the basics!

This year’s Shaw-IAU Workshop on Astronomy for Education is all about opportunities for *everybody who is active in astronomy education, whether as a practitioner or an education researcher, to go back to the basics. What are the things that, in an ideal world, all of us should know? Which new developments, effective teaching methods, evaluation techniques, and which aspects of astronomy education research should all of us be aware of?

So this year’s workshop is less about speakers presenting their own work and projects, but about speakers telling participants what they think everybody should know about a particular aspect of astronomy education.

The 3rd Shaw-IAU Workshop will take place via a virtual online platform