Impact Of Climate Change - Sea Level Rise

Students in a changing climate: how can astronomy help?
4th Shaw-IAU Workshop
Wednesday Nov. 16, 2022
UTC: 8:50 a.m. - 8:55 a.m.
Thursday Nov. 17, 2022
UTC: 1:50 p.m. - 1:55 p.m.

"Is our planet in danger from changing temperatures and rising sea levels? In this presentation, we will discuss educational activities to enhance student's awareness on climate change, specifically the rise in sea-level and how it has started impacting life on Earth.
Sea level is rising, in part, because increase in greenhouse gases contribute to melting glaciers on land which are adding to Earth’s oceans. Sea ice is not a significant contributor to sea level rise. Thermal expansion of water is also a major contributor. Understand these points through two investigative activities.
We will discuss how such images of sea levels are taken through satellites and do a trending activity"

About Mila Mitra

"Dr. Mitra is the Co founder and Academic Head of an educational company, STEM & Space, based in India, who foster interest in STEM through the domain of space and Astronomy.
After completing her PhD in Astronomy from Rice University, Houston, she worked as support scientist on several satellite missions at NASA Goddard including the Cosmic Background Explorer project,
In recent years, she has been leading efforts in space based education in India. Under her initiative, innovative STEM workshops have been launched. She has coordinated Citizen science projects such as the International Asteroid Search Campaign and represented India in Astronomy Conference in Brazil and Global Hands on Universe. She contributes to space news in media."

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