A typical case on teaching Hertzsprung–Russell diagram by exploring the nature of astronomy diagrams

Astronomy education research on the role of astronomy in schools
4th Shaw-IAU Workshop
Tuesday Nov. 15, 2022
UTC: 8 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
, Wednesday Nov. 16, 2022
UTC: noon - 1:30 p.m.

The H-R diagram, a typical case for teaching improvement on scientific methods in astronomy, is used to revealing the process of the stellar evolution. The diagram was created and improved by induction, while the related explain on stellar evolution by deduction. Therefore, the relationship between such inductive diagram and the deductive explain may calls methodology confusion. It is possible to clarify the confusion by exploring the diagram among the modern astronomy history, analyzing the theory of stellar internal structure developed in the same era and visualizing the generation of the diagram. It is expected to further understand the nature of the diagram by such efforts.


Zhang Yiming is a lecturer of the Astronomy Department in the School of Physics and Electronic Science at Guizhou Normal University, the director of Astronomy Communication and Education Research Center. He focuses on the improvement on courses such as Fundamental Astronomy and Advances in Astronomy. He obtained a bachelor's degree in astrophysics from Nanjing University and a doctorate degree in astronomy methodology and science communication from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He interests in observational astronomy methodology and its history, science of science in astronomy and science communication. He participated in the course 100 Astronomy and Astrophysics International Course NASE-IAU.

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