Dr Markus Nielbock

Dr Markus Nielbock

Brief biography

Markus Nielbock received his doctorate in astrophysics in 2001. He then moved to Chile as an ESO Fellow to work on the largest single-dish telescope to date at one of the ESO observatories, the SEST. In 2003, he returned to Germany to deepen his research in the field of star formation. In 2006, he moved to the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, where he worked for almost ten years as an instrument scientist for the PACS camera of the Herschel Space Telescope. Since 2015, he has been involved in astronomy education and outreach at the House of Astronomy. He develops teaching materials, organises public events, gives lectures and workshops, supports the training and further education of teachers and maintains contacts with the classical media such as the press, radio and television. He also acts as a contact person there for topics related to space travel. In 2018, he was appointed public relations officer at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy. Markus Nielbock became one of the coordinators of the IAU Office of Astronomy for Education in 2020. He has been inspiring people for space and astronomy for many years.

Affiliation: Office of Astronomy for Education/Max Planck Institute for Astronomy

Email: nielbock​atastro4edu.org

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