Dr Saeed Salimpour

Dr Saeed Salimpour

Brief biography

Saeed is Astronomy Education Research Coordinator at the International Astronomical Union’s Office of Astronomy for Education. He has a background in Astronomy/Astrophysics (focussing on Cosmology), Education and Design. His research interests cross disciplinary boundaries and includes: Cosmology Education, Representation, Aesthetics, Big Data Visualisation, VR/AR, Curriculum Development, Learning Progressions, Concept Inventories, Indigenous/Cultural Astronomy, Student Research in Astronomy, and the interaction between Science and Art. His goal is to bring the science and beauty of Cosmos to everyone, whilst working at the interface of Science, Art and Education. He has experience teaching Physics and Astronomy in school, providing teacher training in Astronomy, and being a mentor in student research projects. He has worked and led many national and international Astronomy Education projects.

Affiliation: Office of Astronomy for Education/Max Planck Institute for Astronomy/Deakin University

Email: salimpour​atastro4edu.org

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