Astrophotography contest 2023: Entry Form

By filling this form, you are submitting your photo or video to the OAE Astrophotography Contest 2023. There is no restriction on the date when the images were taken. Images taken before the competition starts will be accepted. Please read all instructions in the right-hand column carefully before submitting this form. Be aware that you can submit a maximum of 10 entries, but only one entry at a time. If you wish to submit multiple entries, please fill in the form again each time.

Before submitting your entries, please read carefully the rules of the competition.

Participants can submit images in the following categories:

  • Still images of phases of Venus: Images of variations of light hitting Venus. The goal is to show that astronomical objects other than the Moon can be observed in phases from Earth. It can be single images or a mosaic of images showing different phases of Venus.
  • Still images of the day arc of the Sun and solargraphs: Images of the apparent trajectories of the Sun across the sky. The goal is to show how the Sun's path or day arc traces the apparent motion of the Sun in the sky as seen at a fixed location as our planet rotates around its axis and revolves around the Sun, illustrating the varying day length and Sun’s altitude according to the change of seasons. Solargraphs can be captured with a long-term exposure set of solar arcs.
  • Still images of sunrise and sunset locations over the year: A mosaic of images showing the sunrise or sunset from a single location over different times of the year. The goal is to show how the location of sunset and sunrise change throughout the year.
  • Time-lapses of rotation of Big Dipper or Southern Cross: Time-lapses videos of either the Big Dipper in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Cross in the Southern Hemisphere. The goal is to clearly illustrate the Earth’s rotation and apparent motion of the stars in the sky.
  • Still images with smartphones: Astrophotography images taken exclusively with smartphones/mobile devices. This can be of one of the categories above or any other topic. The goal is to highlight that high quality images can also be taken using popular devices instead of only fancy and professional cameras.

If you are submitting an image taken with a smartphone or other mobile device, please select the correspondent category.

The organisers might contact participants in case of doubts regarding the veracity of their entries, and might request additional material such as raw images for verification purposes, such as EXIF data.

For any queries regarding the competition, please contact astrophoto@astro4edu.org

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